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Confirmation Registration!
 It's not too late yet to register for the 2018-2019 Confirmation year, please contact the Youth Ministry office for more information on availability.

Download Registration Packets under the Important Forms tab!

What is Confirmation?
Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation are called the Sacraments of Initiation. Through these Sacraments we become members of the Catholic Church, a community of spirit-filled people who have been saved by Christ and who witness His love in the world. Through this Sacrament, each candidate is enriched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, bound more perfectly to the Church, and strengthened in faith. They're equipped to witness more courageously to the saving power of Christ and to passionately spread/defend their Catholic faith!

Confirmation at St. Euphrasia
... is a two year process usually beginning in their freshman year of high school ... consists of small and large group sessions, attending Mass, service, retreats, and youth related events with flexible scheduling ... is an opportunity for teens to meet teens from other high schools ... will help develop disciples of Christ, build community with their peers, strengthen their Catholic faith and relationship with God, and be empowered as leaders in their parish & community!

Confirmation Sessions
Each candidate is expected to attend 8 sessions in their block of choice. Block preference is given on a “First-come, first-serve basis”.

Attend Mass: 
Candidates and their families are expected to attend Mass regularly as well as participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation at least annually. During their sessions, candidates will be expected to attend the Sunday 5:30 pm mass with the other candidates. Families and sponsors are encouraged and welcomed to attend as well!

Faith Nights
Candidates are expected to attend at least 3 Faith Nights, these sessions meet once a month and are large group sessions on teen related topics held for all teens throughout the year. Dates will be distributed at a later time but meetings will take place on Tuesday's from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Youth Nights
Candidates are expected to attend at least 3 Youth Nights, these sessions meet once a month to evangelize, grow, and practice a whole new level of spirituality through adoration, small talks, dynamic activities, and games. Youth Nights serves the youth to collaborate with each other and to grow as a unit, serving their individual and parish needs along the way. Youth Nights is the initiation of our Youth Ministry and with more youth collaboration we expect it to grow tremendously as time passes, dates will be distributed at a later time but meetings will take place on Tuesday's from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Service Opportunities:
Candidates must complete 3 service opportunities by serving the needs of the parish/community. A list of approved service projects will be provided. Please contact the office to approve any other types of service.

Year 1 & 2 Retreats
Candidates are expected to attend a retreat each year. Year 1 candidates will attend "Youth Day" in Anaheim, CA and Year 2 candidates will attend a weekend retreat in Yucaipa, CA.

Confirmation Name
All candidates must choose a name that they will be confirmed by on their Confirmation day. It may be their baptismal name or the name of a saint/biblical person they admire and respect.

Each candidate chooses someone that has already been confirmed and active in their faith to journey through Confirmation with them. It cannot be one of their parents, but they must be at least 16 years old and be confirmed in the Catholic Church, and there are some dates each year that the sponsor is asked to attend.

Parent & Sponsor Involvement
We recognize that a teen’s biggest influences in their faith are their parents. To support parents, we ask that at least one parent/guardian AND the sponsor attend a faith enrichment opportunity (not including Parent Orientation and Sponsor Orientation). Faith enrichment opportunities will be distributed at a later time.

More Information
More information on what is expected for each candidate and their family is outlined in the Registration Packet available under the Important Forms tab. Our hope is that each candidate that enters our ministry will be strengthened in their faith, build community with their peers and parish, and be empowered to witness to others about their faith through their attitude, words, and actions! We hope to have the opportunity to walk this journey with you and hope this year brings many blessings to you and your family!

To receive more information about our Confirmation Program, please submit the form below and we will contact you asap!

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